The Seacoast's leader in providing expert title services

In today's highly competitive real estate market, mortgage brokers, lenders and real estate agents cannot afford to lose deals. We understand and appreciate the value in each and every transaction entrusted to us by our clients. From quickly getting a deal cleared to close, to ensuring that deal-hindering mistakes are not made at any point in the transaction, to having staff that is available to meet your needs, we make an extra effort so your deals will close quickly.

As one of the Seacoast's most successful providers of legal and title services for real estate transactions, we have overseen thousands of real estate transactions. Our clients range from national lenders to individual home buyers. We provide our clients with numerous benefits, including:

Exceptional Client Service: Our goal is simple - to provide our clients with the best service in our industry. By doing so, we help our clients to successfully close more deals.

Clear Communication: Consistent communication is a key element to any successful real estate transaction. We strive to provide everyone - buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, processors, etc. - with the information that they need in order for the transaction to progress smoothly Our communication begins the moment a new order is received, and doesn't end until all post closing issues have been resolved.

A Wealth of Experience: We have attorneys licensed in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, and our staff has a combined total of nearly 20 years of real estate experience.

Fast, Efficient Processing: We are committed to providing our clients with the most prompt and error free title processing on the Seacoast. Our in-house abstracting staff normally turns around titles in 24-48 hours, and we usually can have a deal cleared to close within three or four days from the time the order is received.

Flexible Closings: We will close loans anywhere in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. We will do closings in the evening, on weekends, and at borrower's homes.

Evening Hours: Most of our clients do not just work from 9:00 until 5:00, and neither do we. We have experienced staff available into the evening to provide you with the help and information that you need, when you need it.

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