The current mortgage crisis presents challenges to all. However, there are answers for lenders and loan servicers seeking to minimize losses. The proper and timely handling of such matters is critical, expert legal counsel being a key element. We offer services in the following areas:
  • Foreclosures - We perform foreclosures for both institutional and private lenders for all types of residential and commercial properties. We understand that foreclosures must be handled both accurately and efficiently in order to protect the holders of delinquent mortgages.

    We are highly experienced handling foreclosures in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, both judicial and non-judicial, as well as collection on collateral and deficiency balances. Our goal is to complete foreclosure work as promptly as possible, and at a reasonable cost, in order to losses by the mortgage holder. While timeliness is a crucial, we also recognize that foreclosures must be completed properly in order to avoid costly title defects and errors that would prevent full recovery on the part of our client.

  • REO Sales - We provide legal services to lenders with REO (Real Estate Owned) properties in all counties of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. We are able to protect mortgage companies and other lenders while efficiently facilitating the REO property sales. Our REO practice includes:
    • Reviewing title on foreclosed properties for title defects, secondary liens, and other title concerns that may have arisen prior to, during, or following foreclosure.
    • Assessing the measures needed to repair deformities within an REO foreclosed property title, including filing title insurance claims.
    • Preparing for and facilitating the sale of REO property, including preparation and analysis of deeds and other closing documents and coordination of the sale according to client requirements.