Wilkinson Law Offices provides civil litigation representation to clients in state and federal courts throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. We have the ability to handle all types of civil litigation matters, including sophisticated and complex disputes affecting individuals or commercial clients. Our litigation practice is centered on our three specialty practice areas – real estate, business law, and estates. Our substantive knowledge in these areas allows us to be fully knowledgeable and effective advocates.

Our approach to civil litigation is to begin with a fully analysis of the circumstances surrounding the controversy to assist a potential client in making a reasoned decision as to whether litigation makes sense from a financial and personal perspective. Where litigation is determined to be the best course of action, we work with the client to carefully map out a litigation strategy. Once a plan is in place, we endeavor to execute our plan aggressively, expediently and economically.

Some of the litigation matters we routinely handle include:
  • Construction litigation, including multiparty disputes involving construction contracts and contract documents and payments claims.
  • Engineering and architectural disputes, including fee disputes and design defect claims.
  • Disputes involving failed real estate development
  • Debt collection and foreclosures
  • Commercial contract breaches
  • Employment disputes
  • Probate disputes
  • Zoning and land-use appeals
  • Commercial landlord-tenant matters
  • Tortuous interference with contractual relations
  • Intellectual property infringement